Aug 032014

Mr. Persaud we listened to all your podcast since one of our friend pasted in a hospice. On July 5 show Dr. Scott Fareed touched on three important points 1. the evolution of hospice 2. the misconceptions of hospice 3. how much and what kind of end of life care one needs. It is an excellent idea to invite religious leaders to share their perspective on end of life care.

We support your efforts to ensure Respiratory Care Practitioners are licensed by the state. It is sad that Obama Care Plan took away monies from senior care and hospice care.

Lastly, Mr. Chittie contribution to your show was interesting. Mr. Persaud the way you handle the past 4 shows is excellent. We are blessed to live in a country where hospice care is available.

Jul 292014

Mr. Pete Persaud we listened to your podcast of the July 26 show.The opening universal prayer is an original and refreshing. We are impressed with your broadcasting skills as a host of such a delicate subject, “A Bridge to Care and Comfort.” Your guest Elizabeth is knowledgeable and eloquent on the subject of Hospice Care. She did an excellent job differentiating between Skilled Nursing Care and Hospice Care. Your caller Mr. Greene contribution to the show was educational and enlightening. More needs to be said about Patient Care Managers and their instrumental roles. Mr. Persaud your insight of the “Baby-Boomers” is keen. This is why your work on Hospice Care is badly needed in our culture. We are anxiously waiting for your next podcast.